Monday, December 29, 2008


I wanna wear this on New Year's Eve!!!
dress: modcloth


I quite enjoy this Rosa Cha bathing suit from the Summer 2009 collection.


1st photo: Givenchy Spring-Summer 2009
2nd photo: thecobrasnake


Cate Blanchett looking fabulous in February's Vanity Fair.


She looks fabulous, but doesn't the February edition of Glamour look like a Gap ad??


"If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it."
Isadora Duncan


"Nature provides exceptions to every rule."
Margaret Fuller

Sunday, December 28, 2008


scarf: bootlegger
tunic: Gentle fawn
leggings: bootlegger
shoes: impo



Is it just me, or did Lo Bosworth look really cute at the Hills season 4 finale party?? Turns out it is not just me, girls across America feel the same because they can get the same thing at Forever 21. It must be hard being the lowest paid actress, (ya I said actress, this shit ain't reality) on The Hills.


I forgot to blink when I saw Edward Cullen wearing Wayfarers in Twilight. Ever since the dawn of time, so basically since Breakfast at Tiffany's, I have wanted a pair. Now I want a pair of these RayBans even more...


Spotted... L-Lo looking very Twilightesque in her sunglasses. Me likey. I also love her chain handled bag. But big surprise, she is wearing leggings. That's original...


I like this look of leather and lace. And yes, the first one is Elina from ANTM. The second is courtesy of


I am excited for New Years this year! I rang in this year on holiday with my family last year, so this year, I get to go out and party! What are your plans for when the ball drops?? (the times square one haha)


Isn't this Betsey bracelet adorable???


Lauren Conrad's collection is boring. Really boring. There is nothing wrong with her clothes, I would wear some of them, but there is nothing innovative about them. At least this bodysuit is a little different than her usual "play it safe" designs. Does anyone think that this means her line will eventually inspire them???


Thanks to WhoWhatWear, I have discovered Rachel Perry. Besides her rad music, she has obvious style. She reminds me of Nastia Liukin...


Erin Kleinberg's Fall Collection is super cute, even though it is modeled by Shenae Grimes... I'll forgive her. The t-shirts have a vintage feel and are very wearable.


I am excited for the next season of Canada's Next Top Model because Tyra is gettin old. Bring on the Jay Manuel! It premieres in the summer of 2009 and I can't wait!


Recently I died my hair dark brown with red highlights throughout and I have gained the nickname "Ginger" from my closest friends. Thanks guys... But I am missing one thing, freckles. So redheads worldwide, embrace your natural beauty, because I wish I had some of it... :(


The 5 new Harajuku Lovers perfumes are to die for. I can't wear G because my mom is allergic to coconut, but it's my second favorite. Lil' Angel is my favorite and it's on my wishlist.


I heart these lace leggings from Urban Outfitters. I want a pair.


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